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Selfishly, we built this for ourselves.

We built this for ourselves because, in our opinion, there’s still too much one-dimensional content from a handful of online publications that struggle to give us the kind of quality thatย we want to read.ย And if they do, they’re usually filled with so many damn adverts it’s almost unreadable.

So, why are we different?ย As a zealous team of writers and photographers โ€“ aside from loving what we do โ€“ spend as much spare time as we can in the great outdoors; hurling ourselves downhill on longboards, searching for the perfect wave along the coast or carving powder in the mountains. A love of live music, lust for good food and a penchant for well-aged whisky often culminates in unforgettable moments together.ย When the night just slides away…

So, why are different from the rest?

  1. For starters, you won’t be overwhelmed with adverts. We believe that less-is-more and subtly is key.
  2. Secondly, we produce original content for the best products and services that we, quite frankly, bloody love.

What happens is; we work with brands like yours, who are looking for reliable content creators like us, to provide honest, unique and easily-digestible articles to inspire our readers to take action. The kind of action that we’d want to take. Inย the latestย 2017 Inbound Marketing report,ย by lead generation experts Hubspot, it was revealed thatย external content placements help companies generate more than twice as many leads as traditional outbound techniques do. Winning.

Targeted audience
Complete audience specifications will be provided to ensure synonymy with your brand that ensures campaign success.
Working together
Feature success relies on working closely together. Our creative placement ideas make for subtle, effective, content.
Original content
Specialising in taking press releases and spinning them into original content that always works great for brands, big or not so big.
Competitive pricing
The service we offer comes competitively for you to take advantage of superior coverage than what larger publications can offer.

To promote your brand with us, please contactย sales@nightslides.com
For guest posting opportunities, please contactย guests@nightslides.com

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