Peace release their first track under new independent record label Ignition Records in support of the mental health charity, MQ who are transforming mental health through research. Click play on the video above.

British indie rock quartet Peace have released their first single under new record label Ignition Records From Under Liquid Glass. The track has been released in support of mental health charity MQ, who are attacking stigma head-on with a heavy-hitting campaign: It’s time to give a **** about mental health.

You can be a happy person and still take a pasting from your demons – Peace frontman, Harry Roisser.

A powerful change from the upbeat melodic indie rock sound that allowed Peace to nod to a care-free way of living so well. From Under Liquid Glass is an honest and personal account of the mind’s vulnerabilities in an oh-so familiar way for those who’ve been through similar experiences. It takes true strength to even attempt to access parts of the mind that only show face in dark times in order to understand, let alone consciously explaining how that feels to listeners expecting an otherwise positive offering. Much respect.

Frontman and founder Harry Koisser explains:
“I wrote the song during my most difficult spring in a long time. Peace has always been an explosion of happiness but that isn’t reflective of every part of me or anyone for that matter; and this song, at it’s most zoomed out, demonstrates that polarity; you can be a happy person and still take a pasting from your demons. Although this song is deeply personal, it’s really for everyone as most people have had, come into contact with or will have some degree of mental health issue in their lives. I’m pleased Peace are supporting MQ and their goal of transforming mental health through research.”

And speaking to TMRW Magazine, Harry continues: 
“Music is so so so powerful and I think we should all respect the magic that can be arranged between the two earphones. Getting with the power of nature and all its greenness helps too. Making sure you get a good amount of time with it. There is a lot of goodness left in the world.”

What a great bunch of lads they are. A very worthy cause too.

Help us, alongside Peace and MQ, spread the word. Join the celebrities passionate about mental health by creating your own swearing selfie to share with your followers. It’s time to give a **** about mental illness – let’s take it on together. Share your selfie in support here.

A former mental health professional, focused on the prevention of male suicide, Charlie continues to promote the "it's ok not to be ok" conversations between men. Failed his first attempt of circumnavigating Mont Blanc on a mountain bike. Next attempt, Autumn 2019!

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