Late 2011 saw friends Josh and Charlie launch an outdoor lifestyle magazine to celebrate the best of what the industry had to offer, in their opinions, and in a format that didn’t exist online at the time:

Original journalism with adventurously fun content.

By featuring the best up-and-coming and established brands across the UK and Europe, the online publication quickly became a positive source of trusted news, reviews and interviews that featured the cool, the captivating and the courageous for their budding readership’s enjoyment.



A shock came that rocked the worlds of all who knew Josh. On August 1st 2012, he suddenly passed away aged 20 years old. Close friends and family weren’t aware of a sharp deterioration in mental health because Josh didn’t reach out about how he was feeling or what was on his mind. And according to the UK government, this is the most common cause of death for men under the age of 50 in England and Wales.

Something has to change.

Josh Taylor 07.11.1991 – 01.08.2012

After a period of time continuing the magazine in Josh’s memory, without the creative flair he offered so naturally, circumstances changed and the decision was made not to carry on any further. In the years gone by since then, work has been going on behind the scenes to bring together the right team of media producers, journalists and mental health specialists.

A position, now, that feels ready to get going again.


Towards the end of 2017, build started on this brand new online space using the same foundations that the previous space was built on. Now, with more experience under our belts and JT with us in spirit, we have one helluva challenge on our hands: to raise our voice loud enough so men have the confidence to reach out when they’re not feeling right and get the right support when they do.

So with your help, we’ll be doing all we can to grow Night Slides into a positively influential publication; supporting startup brands through much needed online exposure and existing brands looking to enhance their feature coverage better than the standard. A promise to write quality reads for lovers of the outdoors.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read our story, your support on this journey means so much. With Josh’s spirit ever-present and a drastic shift in how we all perceive mental health needed now, I know we can make a positive change – Charlie.

Night Slides best describes those good times spent without a care in the world but the company you’re keeping. When the night just slides away…

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