Nikolai Schirmer on top of an Oslo mountain in Endless Winter II (Black Crows)

Was it a coincidence that the day after the UK declares a climate emergency, Black Crows Skis drops the second chapter of Endless Winter; a tempestuous tale of carbon-conscious eco-warrior Nikolai Schirmer’s mission to highlight the environmental impact on chasing the hardest lines in Europe.

Undoubtedly not.

Following on from Nikolai’s first chapter – Endless Winter I – sponsored by Norrøna in cooperation with Infinitum Movement and Protect Our Winters Norway, this feature film takes viewers on a journey down south from Norway to Austria with as minimal carbon footprint as possible to shred the deepest Austrian powder for a decade.

“In the big picture, they might be insignificant actions. But there’s no one that’ll do them for me” – Nikolai Schirmer

Presented by
Gudbrandsdal Energi
Sponsored by
Filmed and graded by
Joonas Mattila
Second angle and stills by
Finn Pomeroy
Powder shots by
Henrik Ulleland
Sounds by
Lars Andreas Nilssen

Featured riders
Nikolai Schirmer
Eirik Derås Verlo
Krister Furnes Kopala
Benjamin Forthun

Nikolai’s CO2 yearly average (December–February) = 14,000kgCO2e

How to watch ENDLESS WINTER II online in the UK (2019)

Sit back and enjoy this free feature film from Black Crows Skis (18mins) available to watch Endless Winter II online in the UK, and maybe like us, you’ll consider your carbon impact next time you’re planning a ski trip with friends. We’re all a part of the problem so we can all be the solution.

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