Picture's SHELTER film showing dramatic glacier melt
Picture’s SHELTER film showing dramatic glacier melt

βœ”οΈPublic Choice Award (Freeride Film Festival 2019)
βœ”οΈPublic Choice Award (We Love PowPow 2019)

As another week comes with another climate crisis dominating the news, Picture Organic Clothing has released a feature film to focus their efforts on influencing an industry that acts within a juxtaposition: people who spend so much time enjoying the Great Outdoors but, as a result, have a heavy carbon footprint with fashion and travel industries being high contributors of carbon emissions.

What’s particularly poignant about Picture’s message is, with an element of gratitude, to reconnect with what nature has to offer closer to home. Or if travel is a must, to choose the minimalist carbon emitting transport as possible. We often take for granted what’s on our doorstep and choose to satiate our innate desire to discover new places, ride new runs and determine our wealth by cultures experienced.

β€œThe glacier, a magnificent giant and part of our natural patrimony, is ringing alarm bells”

A Picture Organic Clothing & Almo Film production.

Directed by
Julien Roserens & Morgan Le Faucheur
Produced by
Frank Corbery & Morgan Le Faucheur
Co-produced by
Picture Organic Clothing
Original soundtrack by
MΓΈme Music

Featured riders
Jeremy Jones
Mat Schaer
Leo Taillefer
Levi Luggen
Thomas Delfino

Sponsored by
Jones Snowboards
Protect Our Winters

Step forward through the legendary Alps; Shelter.

How to watch SHELTER online in the UK (2019)

Sit back and enjoy this free feature film from Picture Organic Clothing (45mins) available to watch SHELTER online in the UK, and maybe like us, you’ll consider your carbon impact next time you’re planning a trip with friends and family. We’re all a part of the problem so we can all be the solution.

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