Video clip from Picture Organic's new snowboarding film called Zabardast available to watch online in the UK
Picture Organic’s new high altitude movie – ZABARDAST

The latest feature film by Picture Organic Clothing shows us that maybe we have all lost our way a little bit.

The film is about 8 separate adventures that attempt to do a 150km loop skiing and snowboarding in the Karakoram range of Pakistan. With base camps at around 5000m and the world famous K2 in the same range, this environment really pushes all the team to there physical and mental limits.

How to watch ZABARDAST online in the UK (2019)

Sit back and enjoy this free feature film (54mins) available to watch ZABARDAST online in the UK, and maybe like us, you’ll see that it’s adventure that takes precedent over the summit.

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As a dual-citizen of the UK and Australia, and a former long-distance runner, Mark focuses his energy on athlete sponsorship and brand partnerships at, writing about how competing at the highest level in extreme sports affects mental health.

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