Escaping the long, dark and rainy winters of the UK not only gives you an opportunity to properly recharge the batteries ready for the new year but it also offers cheaper travel packages overall because of the time of year, win-win. In the following guide to escaping to winter sun, we’ll include the warmest European destinations for those wishing to keep travel time to a minimum and also a couple of destinations a bit further afield if you’re thinking of a proper long haul getaway.

1. Canaries
2. Cyprus
3. Malta
4. Dubai
5. Costa Rica

1. The Canary Islands

A cluster of islands ~100km off the West African coast of Morocco, this popular holiday destination includes the islands of Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. As the most southerly region of Spain, with great flight options from the UK and with average winter temperatures of 21Β°C, you can certainly understand why this is top of the list for escaping to winter sun from the UK.


2. Cyprus

Located just south of Turkey, south-east of Greece, and the third largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus gets plenty of sunshine all year round (326 days on average) and is an ideal alternative winter holiday destination for travellers from the UK. Average winter temperatures are slightly lower than The Canary Islands, at 17Β°C, but are still balmy in comparison to the Great British weather.


3. Malta

With similar average winter temperatures as Cyprus, you’ll enjoy basking on one of the 300 sunny days they get every year. Bursting with culture, you’ll be out and about all day exploring Malta’s offerings driving around the isle that isn’t quite the size of the Isle of Wight (England’s largest island). Known for its historic sites, make the most of seeing the numerous fortresses and temples Malta has to offer.


4. Dubai

You’re pretty much guaranteed warmth and sunshine visiting Dubai in the winter months. It’s been dubbed the best time of year to visitΒ due to the average winter temperature of 25Β°C and the abundance of beaches available that’ll be that little bit quieter than usual. Winter is barbecue season for the locals, so immerse yourself in the culture with street food and other traditional fare on offer.


5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s dry season starts in December, which makes it a perfect winter getaway for those looking to escape to sun from the UK. Temperatures throughout the year average at 28Β°C, of which us Brits only get to enjoy for like two weeks in the summer, max. Known for its dense jungles and fascinating wildlife, Costa Rica may only be one of the smaller countries in Central America, but it’s certainly one of the most intriguing.


What a destination to finish on! Costa Rica sure looks like paradise. If you’ve been on a sunny winter holiday and we haven’t featured the place you went then drop us a comment below and we’ll be sure to include it. And don’t forget to drop the hint and share this with friends and familyΒ πŸ˜‰

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