Explore The World in 13 Awe-Inspiring HD Virtual Tours

A real treat to satisfy your wanderlust.

Immerse yourself in some of the most awe-inspiring places in the world in High Definition virtual tours from a bird’s eye view. And unlike conventional photos or video tours, the following list of awe-inspiring virtual tours are shot as spherical 360 degree panoramas but stitched together perfectly to make a seamless viewing experience on any device, far surpassing the quality of Google Earth.

I’ve pulled some of my favourite shots from each tour below for you to try and find as you’re exploring. Make sure to stick the virtual tours on full screen, full brightness, full volume (yes there’s sounds inspired by the locale) and remove the interface controls (bottom hand corner of the tour) to really experience the immservice beauty. Use your tablet or laptop for optimal viewing, just click and drag to explore.

Machu Picchu β€” the ancient city of the Inca Empire

Machu Piccho Inca Empire captured from AirPano.com













The Great Barrier Reef – Australia’s natural wonder

Great Barrier Reef – Australia captured from AirPano.com

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall – Indonesia’s hidden gem

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall – Indonesia captured from AirPano.com

Kyrgyzstan Lakes – Central Asia













The Northern Lights – Norway spectacle

Northern Lights – Norway captured from AirPano.com

Bromo Active Volcano – Java Indonesia

Bromo Active Volcano – Java Indonesia captured from AirPano/com

Langisor Volcanic Lakes – Iceland

King Penguins – South Georgia Island Antarctica

Victoria Falls – Zambia Zimbabwe

Ancient Parthenon – Acropolis Greece

The Matterhorn – Zermatt Switzerland

The iconic mountain range in Zermatt concludes our list of the 13 best virtual tours from around the world, courtesy of AirPano.com. We are all indebted to their work bringing the immersive beauty from Mother Nature’s most naturally beautiful landscapes they could find, free of charge and free of adverts.

That’s my bucket list created!

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