Prepping your snow gear for a winter trip is something that’s usually left until last minute. With our ultimate packing checklist for a snow trip, updated for the 2017/18 winter season, you’ll be able to run through your preparation methodically so you don’t forget any essentials for the holiday.

In this winter gear guide, we’ll include tips on packing ski and snowboard equipment, snow clothing, travel essentials and luxury items you might want to bring with you depending on your accommodation choice.

Main sections of the checklist
Ski & snowboarding equipment
A list of snow clothing
Winter travel essentials
The Not-so-essentials

Let’s get to it.


First up is the checklist for those of you who own ski and snowboarding equipment already and are brave enough to leave it with the airlines to look after – or you’re seasoned snow road-trippers!

  1. Freshly waxed skis or snowboard with bindings and poles
  2. A pair of ski or snowboard boots with fully working fixings
  3. A helmet with working straps – a must have for either
  4. A pair of snow goggles with clear and sunny lenses
  5. A 10-40 litre backpack for day usage on the slopes
  6. A multitool for repairs and adjustments on the go
  7. A first aid kit for any unexpected injuries
  8. Water receptacles aplenty to keep hydrated.


Next is always the one part of packing that takes the most time. When it comes to snow clothing, everyone’s different; some people are over-packers who like to have every avenue covered and others are happy to run with the same gear on throughout the week. We’re aiming for a happy medium here.

  1. A wooly hat or beanie
  2. A pair of sunglasses
  3. A snood neck warmer
  4. Two thermal long-sleeve tops
  5. Two long-sleeve fleeces
  6. A waterproof snow jacket
  7. Waterproof snow trousers
  8. A pair of waterproof gloves / mittens
  9. Two pairs of thermal long johns
  10. Four pairs of snow socks.

We won’t go into the normal winter clothing essentials that you’d pack for colder climates like jeans and going out stuff etc. Hopefully you’ll have that covered already; always think layering plus accessories like scarves, hats, gloves and you can’t go far wrong.


The next checklist is for those winter travel essentials that you just shouldn’t travel to snowy climates without. Suncream with a high SPF value is an absolute must-have, don’t go out on the slopes without it!

  1. High SPF suncream (30+)
  2. Chapstick with SPF (30+)
  3. Aftersun lotion / moisturiser
  4. Chargers for your device(s)
  5. Travel plug adaptors
  6. Headphones and speakers
  7. High-energy snacks/bars/nuts
  8. Medication for pain/sickness
  9. Muscle pain relief cream
  10. Eye mask/ear plugs for sleeping
  11. Travel wallet for all documents.

Depending on where you’re headed on your ski trip you might find other travel essentials are necessary. If you’ve thought of some that we haven’t included, let us know in the comments below!


These are the kind of luxury items that aren’t essential but will make your snow trip that little bit more enjoyable. These are especially easy to incorporate if you have plenty of baggage space (which never happens on a snow trip!) and the accommodation you’re going to has plenty of room and is private.

  • Two-way radios for on the slopes
  • A travel pillow for longer journeys
  • Photographic or videographer kits
  • Hair dryers/straighteners if unsupplied
  • A pack of cards/travel games
  • Warmers for your gloves and boots
  • Supports for your wrists/knees/ankles
  • Deep heat pain spray
  • Foam roller/pain ball.

That’s a wrap! A complete checklist for you to use when preparing for your next winter trip, which hopefully’s soon. If you have any other ideas that you think we’ve missed in this guide to packing for a snow holiday then post a comment below and we’ll get it added.

Don’t forget to share with friends and family to help them out too.

A resident of the French Alps village of Chamonix (and a native Kiwi), Sally holds a wealth of sustainable travel experience sharing her musings on about. Sally focuses on the benefits of clean eating and mindfulness through yoga to keeping a healthy mind.

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